Birkemose Golf Club: Our ambition is to become Denmark’s nicest and cosiest golf club

Birkemose Golf Club is located approximately 6 km to the north-west of the city of Kolding, in the proximity of E45 freeway, that connects the area to Germany and the rest of Europe. It takes 2.5 hours to reach our golf club from Copenhagen and Hamburg by car or train and only 35 minutes from Billund airport, which offer convenient flight connections to many major European cities
The club boasts  an 18 hole course (par 70), spreading out over a hilly terrain, where you can also enjoy a view of beautiful surroundings, as well as a 9-hole pay-and-play course, where everyone is welcome to play.

Our story
The sun is shining in the cloudless sky. In the distance, a group of players are engaged in a game, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The putting green near the outdoor area of the cafe, is buzzing with life. Allan Nielsen, who has been a member of the club from its inception, is sitting outside on the café’s terrace and talking about the club’s history.
Birkemose Golf Club was launched on September 20,  2001, as a result of a joint effort by the farm owner Søren Daugaard-Hansen and the former professional golfer Ole Eskildsen. The first members of the club were recruited by means of an advert in a local newspaper: the irresistible deal offered the first 300 club members an opportunity to play golf for a fee of just DKK 3500 for the remaining months and without paying a deposit. For this price the members could use a tiny 9 hole pay-and-play course. In reality there were only 7 operational holes,  as the grass around the other 2 holes had been washed away. Only one year later, the first 9 holes of the big course were ready and the last 9 holes were completed in 2003.

Club driven by volunteers
Volunteers have played a fundamental role in the development of the club. For example, it was volunteers who converted an old piggery, into a charming rustic cafe that nowadays acts as the hub of our club. Volunteers still constitute an essential part of the club’s DNA. That is why the notions such as human touch, fellowship and intimacy very much characterise the club.

Everyone is welcome!

Claus Valter, who started working at the club as a golf coach and is currently the club’s manager, says that for him it is very important that everyone who comes to Birkemose feels welcome: We are a club where there is a place for everyone. This attitude finds its expression in all corners of the club, where one can meet both skilful and experienced golf players and rookies who raised a club for their first swing. It is a place where all greet each other and enjoy the club’s informal atmosphere.

Allan Nielsen says that he and his wife contracted the golf virus right at the very beginning of the club’s life in 2001. Currently they play several rounds of golf every week, and often participate in tournaments. In all these years Allan and Anne Grethe have also been involved in different voluntary activities at the club. Their three grandchildren of 7, 12 and 14 have also joined the club and play the game every Tuesday. At other clubs it can be difficult to get time to play on weekends, but here it is always possible, says Allan.

When their family participates in home tournaments, they often join others in dining after events are over. Allan says: Through our participation in tournaments, we meet new club members.

Birkemose Golf Club
Nr. Stenderupvej 12, 6000 Kolding
Tel: 75565060
E-mail: post@birkemosegolf.dk


Monday: 8.00 – 15.00
Tuesday: 8.00 – 15.00
Wednesday: 8.00 – 15.00
Thursday: 8.00 – 15.00
Friday: 8.00 – 15.00

You can call us:
Monday – Thursday between 09.00 and 17.00
Friday between 09.00 and 15.00

Welcome to Birkemose Golf Club in Kolding, Denmark.

We invite you to visit Birkemose Golf Club, located in pleasant and relaxing natural surroundings. Our club offers excellent facilities, not only to golf players, but also visitors who do not play golf.
Birkemose Golf Club facilities and services:

18 hole course located in a pretty, natural landscape, which is crossed by a stream and has a beautiful view of the surrounding area
9 hole Pay & Play course where everyone is welcome to play the game. Visitors can rent all necessary golf equipment at the club.

All visitors are welcome at our restaurant.
We offer you an opportunity to have golf lessons, provided by our coach, Carsten Klingenberg
Training facilities.
Our new golf buggies can be rented for DKK 150 per round.

Changing rooms.

The 18 hole course can be booked at www.golfbox.dk

When you arrive at the club, you need to check in by means of a Probox machine, located next to the Greenfee door.
Birkemose Golf Club, Kolding, is conveniently located in central Denmark – 2.5 hours from Copenhagen and Hamburg by car or train and only 35 minutes drive from Billund airport, that offer flight connections to many major European cities.

Due to its great location, our golf club is an exciting place to hold corporate events

Our club is located on the green outskirts of the medieval city of Kolding. The city offers an excellent range of opportunities for those who like culture, sport and other forms of active pastime. Kolding is the home of the Renaissance castle of Kolding Hus, where many cultural events are regularly held throughout the year. A short drive from the club will take you to Trapholt Museum which is one of the most dynamic designed and contemporary art museums in Denmark. And if you are still full of energy, after a good game of golf, you can rent a canoe and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the inlet, Kolding Fjord. You can also rent a bike and cycle on many bike lanes, both in the city and the surrounding countryside. Along the Fjord there are nice beaches, where you can go for a swim. Several lakes located in the Kolding area, as well as the river Kolding Å, offer excellent fishing opportunities for avid anglers. For more information visit  https://www.visitkolding.dk/ln-int/kolding/welcome

Our club also offers an opportunity for people who do not play golf to try out the game or get golf lessens from our professional instructor. Prices start from DKK 100 per person
Should you want to learn more about the club and its many facilities please contact Club Manager Claus Valter.

We wish you a good time at Birkemose Golf Club 🙂


Greenfee 18 Hole Course

Senior DKK 300

Junior DKK 100

All weekdays  

Guests of full members DKK 150

(only 1 guest per full member)

Pay & Play Course

All weekdays – DKK 100

Equipment rental – DKK 50

Birkemose Golf Club is a party to a 3-for-1 Greenfee agreement with the Danish Golf Union. Three juniors can play for free, if accompanied by one full member of the club. The agreement covers only the clubs that have signed up for this agreement.

Golf buggies can be hired and keys can be obtained/returned using a Probox machine located at the check-in.
The price for 18 holes is DKK 200.
It is possible to get a discount if you buy an annual card and a 10-trip buggy card.
Should you have questions, please contact the Manager’s Office.


Pay and Play
Welcome to Pay & Play golf at Birkemose Golf Club.
The course is named after the leading Danish golf travel company – www.green2green.dk.
This golf course has exciting features and varied terrain. It is accessible to all, irrespective of their basic golf player’s skills.
This golf course is located in beautiful surroundings stretching over 9 holes. There are par 3 holes and par 4 holes. The length of the course is around 236 m.
The price for a full day on this golf course is just DKK 100 and equipment rental – DKK 50.
At Birkemose Golf Club you get an opportunity to start with professional training, continue with exciting golf tournament rounds on the course and end your day with a meal at the club’s rustic Bistro.
You are welcome to read more about our arrangements: Birkemose Bistro

Local rules on the 18-hole course at Birkemose Golf Club.


Local rules for the 18 hole course

Course markers:

a: White pins:                                                            Out of bounds

b: Yellow pins (markers):                                         Water hazard

c: Red pins:                                                                Parallel water hazard

d: Blue pins:                                                               Area under reparation, AUR

e: Blue pins with black tops:                                      Area under reparation – no playing 

f: Green pins:                                                             Drop zone

All fixed sprinkler heads within a distance of 2 club lengths from the green: rule relaxation pursuant to Supplement 1, section B, article 5 of Golf Regulations.
Stones that indicate a distance of 150 m to the front edge of the green are immovable obstacles. Rule relaxation pursuant to Regulation 24-2b
Areas affected by damage due to the formation of water furrows give rise to rule relaxation pursuant to Regulation 25.
Bunker stones are removable obstacles. Regulation 24-1 is applied.
Balls that cross the lane behind 9. green are still out of bounds.
Newly planted trees, trees supported by poles, grow tubes or plant spirals are immovable obstacles. Rule relaxation pursuant to Regulation 24-2b.


Hole play: Loss of a hole
Stroke play: 2 penalty strokes
When playing on this course the player must obtain distance readings by means of an instrument that measures only distances.

If a player during a set round uses a rangefinder designed to indicate or measure other parameters that might influence their play (for example, inclination, temperature) this is in violation of Rule 14-3. In such a case the player shall be disqualified, irrespective of whether they have actually used these advanced features during the play or not.

When a ball lies on a green no penalty is imposed if the ball or a ball marker has been displaced by the player, their partner, their opponent or their caddies or equipment.

The displaced ball or ball marker shall be returned to its initial position as provided for in Regulations 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.

Distance markers on fairway (red/100 m, yellow/150m and white/200 m) indicate distances to the front edge of the green as the crow flies.

Rules and Regulations.

It is forbidden to trespass private property beyond the out-of-bounds markers (all white poles that are placed around the course) as well as the depression at hole 11. 

It is forbidden to make trial svings at tees.

Breaking rules can result in suspension.

Rules and Regulations

Our goal at Birkemose Golf Club, is to maintain our image as a nice and pleasant place, where both members and guests can have a great time playing the game, relaxing and socialising. That is why we recommend observing the following rules and regulations :

Greenfee bag tag should be kept visible.

Set up downstroke makers on the greens

Put back turf that has been removed

Maintenance workers have an unconditional right of access to the course

Rake in bunkers

Keep the pace of the game

Mobile phones should be switched off during the play

Dogs on a leash are allowed

One must be 18 y.o. to be allowed to play and drive buggies

Clean your shoes before entering the buildings

Bottles and plates are not allowed in the changing rooms.

Shoes and a change of clothes can be placed/left in change rooms.

Food or drinks, that have not be purchased at the club, may not be consumed on the terrace or in the restaurant with an exception of the tables in the garden outside of opening times.